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This tea will be available beginning October 29 throughout the Christmas season. Our Christmas Spice Tea is a wonderful blend of Christmas spices, and dried fruit. Spices include allspice, ginger, nutmeg, cinnamon, and cloves, along with a mist of unique flowers and dried fruits that will make this Christmas tea the most unique, and the best you have ever tasted. You will not find any Christmas tea such as this one. It is a unique, blended recipe created only by Glory and Grace Splendid Tea Co. This tea is wonderful hot or cold. It will pair greatly with your Christmas dinner, as well as many of your Christmas parties and events throughout the Christmas season. You will receive one packet of this tea with this order. Each tea packet includes two large tea bags. Each tea bag provides a gallon pitcher of tea. Therefore you will receive 2 pitchers of tea for the 8.50 price.