See the new Margarita Salsa here at Glory and Grace. This salsa is made with all the ingredients of a great salsa, but add the flair of a great margarita and we have a new hit. This salsa will remind you of a margarita, blended with our wonderful homemade salsa blends, plus some cilantro and lime, as well as the great flavors of the margarita.

See our new line of wonderful olive oils

Glory and Grace now has a new and unique line of olive oils. Our oils are hand filtered in true herbs and seasonings which gives this oil the best flavor for your cooking needs. Italian, Garlic Parmesan, and our Boondocks is 3 of our 10 oils available.

Get the BEST in homemade rubs, sauces, marinades, and more only at Glory and Grace Splendid Tea Co.

Our products are great on all meats, veggies, and anything you want to try them on or in. Rub down that meat, spruce up those veggies, or just use in your meals and entree' when cooking.

Glory and Grace provides the best in teas

We have a wide array of flavored teas from Peach tea made with real peach pieces, raspberry, spice teas, spearmint tea, fruit and spice tea and more. See our cold and flu brew teas.


We are so proud of our new Bakery. Breads, Cakes, and Goodies By Glory and Grace is now launched and ready to serve you. We have some wonderful, and good ole homemade baked goods that are sure to please. Our product menu continues to grow. Our glazed lemon cake is the most popular at this time. We have an array of different cookies, our own homemade blueberry muffins, and more. It has been so much fun to start this new venture, and we are waiting to serve you. Visit to see all our new products now available in our new bakery. Serving our local area. SOME products are available for shipping.

Shipping Information

Orders more than 10 lbs will be charged a 17.00 shipping charge. Should your order be less than 10 lbs and you are charged more than 8.50, you will be refunded the difference. Shipping fee for most orders is 8.50. Orders of 30.00 or more will receive free shipping.