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We had the pleasure of serving you in 2022. Let us serve you again in 2023.

See our new line of organic olive oils

Glory and Grace now has a new and unique line of olive oils. Our oils are hand filtered in true herbs and seasonings which gives this oil the best flavor for your cooking needs. Italian, Garlic Parmesan, and our Boondocks is 3 of our 10 oils available.

Glory and Grace provides the best in teas

We have a wide array of flavored teas from Peach tea made with real peach pieces, raspberry, spice teas, spearmint tea, fruit and spice tea and more. See our cold and flu brew teas.

See all the BBQ rubs here at Glory and Grace. Type the word RUB in the search, and see all the great rubs available here at Glory and Grace Splendid Tea Co.

Spruce up your meals in 2023 with great products from Glory and Grace Splendid Tea Co. Whatever you are serving in the coming New Year, trust Glory and Grace to help to make your meat shine bright with great products and deals.

Should you not receive your order due to an error on our part, we will do our best to find the order first. Should the order not be found, we will send replacement or give you a refund. Should you not receive your order due to an error on the part of the customer, such as wrong address, etc., there is a 10.00 fee to find your order and get it shipped to you. Glory and Grace will not be responsible for lost orders due to wrong information being provided by the customer. Should your order be lost at no fault to Glory and Grace, nor any fault to the customer, we will send a replacement order or give a refund.

Let's Talk About Free Shipping

Some things are out of my control. If your order is less than 30.00, and you are charged more than 8.50 for shipping, we will refund the difference.

Let's talk about jars:

Due to the higher cost of shipping, we can only offer free shipping for your first two jars of any product. Should your entire order contain more than two jars, you will receive an invoice by email for the extra jar or jars. We do offer free shipping for all orders of 30.00 or more, but can only ship two jars per order for free. If you would like multiple jars of any sauces, marinades, salsa, jellies, please send email to gandgsplentea@gmail.com, to discuss shipping fee for multiple jars. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. However, Glory and Grace Splendid Tea Co. is a small business ran out of our home. Our structure when selling is an indoor booth, or a tent/canopy. We don't even own or rent a building. We appreciate your understanding.

UPDATE: On January 16 I received more information about the rate of flat rate boxes being changed. Some flat rate boxes will no longer be at the smaller rates. USPS shipping is constantly changing. However here at Glory and Grace we do our best to provide free shipping to our customers as best we can. This year 2023 we will continue to provide free shipping on orders of 30.00 or more. We will continue to provide free shipping on the first rwo two jars ONLY of any order. We appreciate all of our customers and your patience and understanding pertaining to this matter.