Collectibles from Sherry's Shelves

Find our Facebook page, Sherry's Shelves. On this website you may order and pay for the items you want. Sherry's Shelves is a local Collectibles online store All items are also available at Heavenly Treasures in Minden and GG's Classy Collectibles in Springhill. That info is in the description of each product. If you are local to Springhill or Minden, you can go pick up the items you see here on this site. Some shipping is available for some items. PLEASE DO NOT GO TO GG'S OR HEAVENLY TREASURES TO TAKE SOMETHING FROM THE STORE, CLAIMING IT IS ALREADY PAID FOR. They will not give it to you. Remember this is a local store to the north Louisiana area. Some shipping is available. If your item is to be delivered from this collection, delivery is free. All other products ordered from this site will include a 10.00 delivery fee. 

Our Facebook page is a beautiful place to see all our items displayed, beautiful pictures, beautiful items to enhance the beauty of your home. Please like and share Sherry's Shelves on Facebook. This is becoming a beautiful local Collectibles store. Visit regularly. New items are always available.