A-Bourbon Peach Special

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Glory and Grace offers a Bourbon Peach BBQ RUB, and we offer a Bourbon Peach BBQ sauce. Get both now for 15.75. Regularly 8.50 for the sauce and 10.00 for the rub, this is regularly an 18.50 value, but is available now for this 15.75 deal. Our sauce is the best ever,  just right, not too thick and not too thin, with the flair of a great Bourbon Peach blend Bourbon added. Our Bourbon Peach BBQ rub is one of our most popular products out at markets and events.  Made with a Savory homemade Bourbon seasoning, and our own Peach blend seasoning added. Get both of these products now for this great price.  Your order of one will get you both products.