A-TEAS-Winter Berry Spice Tea. AVAILABLE NOW!

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Our winter berry spice tea is sold during the months of November through February. However because it is so popular, I have brought it on out early this year. It is a blend of the most wonderful fruits, berries, and spices that you will find anywhere. You will be able to smell it through the package if ordering online. Fruits, allspice and cloves make this a wonderful spice tea that is great hot or cold. Each tea packet contains two large tea bags. Each tea bag makes a large pitcher of tea. Please use the code freeship in order to receive free shipping  on orders of 28.99 or more. email us at gandgsplentea@gmail if you would like small tea bags. Check out our other seasonal teas during certain times of the year. you will receive one tea packet containing two large tea bags of this tea.