Louisiana Cajun Pork Chop Seasoning

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Plantation owners often sent the house workers shopping at their local farmer's markets. As a cook was shopping at a New Orleans market, she discovered many fine herbs and homegrown spices. She knew they would be good for pork chops. She also purchased the Cajun  herbs and spices she had been given instructions by the mistress to purchase. When she returned to the plantation, she decided, without permission, to blend all those spices together and make pork chops. She took a huge chance, as she could have lost her status in the kitchen and been sent back into the hot fields. At supper, the Plantation owner and his family loved the pork chops so much that was the way they required them to be cooked from then on by every cook who came after her. This pork chop seasoning recipe came from the Hermann-Grima House. Made with garlic, onion, Cajun seasonings, and more, this seasoning is sure to please. You will receive two 10 oz. bags of this seasoning when you order 1 of this product. Orders of 20.00 or more are eligible for free shipping using the code freeship.