A-Make Mama Mad Ultimate Lemon Chicken Seasoning

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Give any chicken or bird a wonderful lemon and herb flavor with this great Make Mama Mad Ultimate Lemon Chicken Seasoning. We use our very own lemon pepper and herbs in this seasoning. Our lemon pepper is made with real lemon peel with wonderful homemade seasonings and Italian herbs. It will give your chicken a wonderful and great taste and flavor. Bake in the oven, and it is wonderful on the grill. You can also mix this in your flour, or any batter, and fry with it. If you love lemon pepper, you will love this seasoning. You will receive one 10 oz bag of this Make Mama Mad Ultimate Lemon Chicken Seasoning. We don't want to slap Mama, but you can sure make er mad with this great Ultimate Lemon Chicken Seasoning. Only orders of 30.00 or more will receive free shipping. Please use the code freeship. This code cannot be used with any other discount codes.