A-OLIVE OIL Garlic Jalapeno Olive Oil/Large bottle

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Filtered through real jalapenos and garlic. Not hot, but you will experience the great jalapeno garlic flavor. Rub down your meat with olive oil, add seasonings and spices if desired, or just use the oil. You can cook with this oil, use it for salads, use it to get creative with other cooking ideas. I like to rub my cutting board down with it, then lay the seasoned meat on the board and slice for cooking, frying, baking, etc. Olive oil is healthy and has many great uses. My oils are hand filtered which is a slow process. No equipment is used. It is totally hand filtered. Each oil takes about a month to filter and be ready for display. Clear and good, clean and pure. You will love this product. OUR OLIVE OILS ARE A SLOW PROCESS. WE DO NOT INFUSE FLAVOR INTO THE OILS. THE SEASONINGS AND PEPPERS SOAK IN THE OIL, THEN OIL IS FILTERED THROUGH THE SEASONINGS. THE PROCESS CAN BE SLOW, BUT IT IS WORTH THE WAIT. IT CAN TAKE EXTRA DAYS TO GET YOUR OIL.