Cold and Flu Brew/ Spearmint Blend/ON SALE NOW

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Our cold and flu brew is made with elderflower,  peppermint,  rose hips,  and more. This blend has our organic spearmint leaves added. Also great for soothing your soar throat.  Not a cure, but a nice soothing cup of tea for that achy cold, flu, and soar throat.  Packet contains 5 small tea bags for 5 cups of tea.  Please use the code freeship for orders of 20.00 or more. This product is regularly 6.99, but you can get this great tea today till Christmas for 5.00. USE CODE FREESHIPTEA TO GET A SMALLER SHIPPING FEE ON TEA ONLY. IF YOU ARE ORDERING OTHER ITEMS ALONG WITH THE TEA, USE THE CODE FREESHIP IN ORDER TO GET FREE SHIPPING ON YOUR ENTIRE ORDER.