Glory and Grace Splendid Tea Co

Glory and Grace Splendid Tea Co

 Glory and Grace began in 2011 in my kitchen as I began experiencing with different ingredients such as rose petals, spices, spring flowers (citrus) and more. Every tea that we made with these all natural products was wonderful. I started an online business that really didn't take off good. We did it for a couple of years with not much success. Since I have products that people want to taste before they buy, we just weren't going anywhere. In 2014 my supervisor of 12 years was killed. That put something in me that wanted to do more.  I began working with the teas again. I began taking my products out to craft fair and festivals, etc. This has grown faster than I could have possibly imagined. Once we began to take the products to the people, they were an immediate success. Our teas are simple teas. If you are looking for certain herbal tea, or you are a tea connoisseur, our teas are not for you. If you like some good sweet teas, like peach and mint, flavors like rasberry and mango, autumn favorites such as pumpkin spice, and wonderful Christmas spice teas as well as other favorites that we have during the year such as our summer spice tea that contains multiple berries and a touch of cinnamon, and is our most popular summertime tea, you will love this site. We have a wonderful Bourbon Street Vanilla Tea that is to die for. You can call them Oolong or whatever, but come here to Glory and Grace and just experience simple with a great taste. (If you have been to a tea plantation somewhere and think you now know everything about tea, please leave this site immediately). We use nothing but all natural and organic teas and spices that give our teas the most wonderful taste. If you are ready to just sit and sip a great glass of tea, than stick around, stay as long as you want.

During the summer of 2014 we began introducing meat rubs. Our first ones were Rib Rub and All Purpose Rub which are still popular. However we now have so many different rubs and teas, it is hard for me to keep up with all of it myself sometimes.

I am very happy with the success of this business, and hopefully it will continue to succeed, and we can continue to provide the best in teas, meat rubs, spices, salts, BBQ sauces, and sweet tea jellies.

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  • Kelly

    I am in dire need of more Bourbon Barrel Sea Salt… I see on the website it is out of stock… When will more be available?
    Thank you so much for your wonderful products!

  • Diane Hudson

    I have purchased your southwestern dip mix but there are no instructions of how to mix or what to add. Please advise.

  • Lynn Milner

    Hi,. We are a BIG fan of your meat rubs and have bought your products at two different festivals. Can we please order directly from you? (We just can’t wait for another festival to get our Glory and Grace spice fix!) We are hooked on the hickory smoked sea salt and the Pink Habanero Spice…simply Divine! Thank you, Lynn

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