Wonderful World Seasoning. Beau Monde 4 oz

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This is a great seasoning. It has a great taste and it is sugar free. Also wonderful for vegan dishes and it is gluten free. However it tastes great and it can also be used for meats and fish and poultry. I rubbed down six hamburger patties and we grilled them on the grill and they were wonderful. They had a great flavor. I still have over half of the 4 oz jar, so this seasoning has the potential to last you a long time even though it is in a small jar.  It is made with sea salt, all spice, celery seed, white pepper, and more for a great seasoning. Please use the code freeship in order to receive free shipping. You will receive this seasoning in a 4 oz jar. The one jar we have available at this time is spicy.