A. Whiskey Peach Marinade.

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My whiskey peach marinade was born when I got upset because I could not find the Chandler's BBQ Sauce recipe. I found a marinade recipe that night because I thought I was going to be busy, just to realize I wasn't going to get something done, so I just found this recipe and tweeked it and made it my own. It is made with Kentucky Bourbon, Real Peach, tomatoes, bbq spices, garlic, and more. It has a citrus seasoning, and a great flavor. I have to stop eating it out of the pot when it is done. This is a great marinade, also just a great bbq sauce. marinade chicken, ribs, any fine meats, or just bbq with it on the grill or on meat you cook in the oven. You will receive 16 oz jar of this great product for $7.50. This product is homemade and good. You won't find this in the store.  Please use the code freeship in order to receive free shipping for orders of 20.00 or more. We only ship your first two jars for free. if you would like more than 2 jars, please send email to gandgsplentea@gmail.com.