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Our shipped wedding teas & favors is for the bride who does it herself. Glory and Grace Splendid Tea Co provides tea for weddings, events, showers, and more. We do provide tea, and the services of tea, at your wedding or event. (see Wedding teas & services) I will personally sit and work with you to make sure we meet your needs, and that our products and services for your wedding or event is what you expect in order to make it the wedding or event of the season. We provide teas for your shower as well. Different packages are provided for different size events, and for multiple events, such as tea for the wedding and favors for the shower, whatever the bride may want. People enjoy tea, and they enjoy it at weddings. Contact us today ( to begin planning teas for your wedding or special event. This offer will be for tea that will be shipped to your wedding or event. (no service provided) Teas are also great for birthdays and any event you anticipate in the coming year. From this site now you can order 10 tea products in multiple flavors, at Glory and Grace' discretion, depending on what is in stock. However, I will make sure to provide a good variety for you to choose from. In this one order you will receive 5 different flavored small tea favors, and 5 large tea bags for you to enjoy and choose the ones you think are best for your event.. Different packages can be considered during your free consultation. use code freeship in order to receive free shipping.