Wedding service and tea

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Here at Glory & Grace, we understand you and your guests just want to relax and enjoy a great event once all plans and leg work have been done. Glory and Grace will provide 4 large glass containers of our own ready made teas of your choice, that we will come and provide for your family and guests. One large six foot table to set up the four containers of tea may be provided by us for an additional fee to be negotiated in your package. We provide white table cloths only with our one large table set up. That is 4 large glass containers of your choice of teas, along with our services during your event, meaning the four teas will be available for your guests to come and pick up a glass of tea, as they go to sit at a table that is already provided by you, or the venue, at the event.  Please give contact information when ordering these services. The fee for our services at your event with a provided (by you) 6 ft. table is 250.00 for the 4 containers and our services only. The four tea set up can be provided by us for additional fee with white table cloths only. If one large table is provided by you, It must be at least 6 feet long, and wide enough for the four large containers. If provided table is not adequate for us to provide the four large containers, we will then provide a six foot table with our own white table cloth for an additional fee which is to be paid at the time of service. Please contact me today for more information. Glasses, ice, and other paper products are not provided by Glory and Grace Splendid Tea Co.( Packages of teas and services can be negotiated during consultation depending on the amount of products and teas you would like for us to provide. Glory & Grace will not be responsible for tea stains caused to your own provided table cloths, by guests at the event.  We do have a 4 container minimum 250.00 price for our services at your wedding or event.  We also provide shipped teas to weddings and events. Please see Wedding favors & teas, if you would like tea to be shipped, but not the service. We look forward to providing for your special day.