Steak Rub Package 2020.

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Scrolling...scrolling..can't find what you are looking for? Don't fret. Glory and Grace is offering a steak rub package for 2020. This package will include my Bourbon Steak Rub, Hickory Roasted Coffee Steak Rub, New Orleans Bourbon Street Marinade, and a Peach Tea packet. This is a 29.50 value. I am letting this Steak Rub Package for 2020 go this year for 25.00. Free Shipping is available for all orders over 20.00. Our Bourbon Steak Rub will give your steaks a great Bourbon flavor blended with our own homemade seasonings and spices. Our Hickory Roasted Coffee Steak Rub gives your steak a sort of smoked flavor. Your meat will not taste like coffee, but will have such an enhanced steak flavor, you will love this rub. Our New Orleans Bourbon Street Marinade is a wonderful product that will give your steak a great marinade flavor. It flies off the shelf at markets and events. Our peach tea packet is made with real peach pieces, contains two large tea bags. Each tea bag will provide a gallon pitcher of tea. This is a great deal and can't be beat with free shipping.