A-Sherry's Shelves Wednesday Package.

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See my page, "Sherry's Shelves" on Facebook. Each day we will have something new on the shelf. This package is subject to change weekly depending on what is on the shelf each Monday-Wednesday. Today's package includes Chicken Enchilada Soup from The Gourmet Cupboard. If you love a good and cheesy enchilada soup with chicken added, this is a wonderful product for you. Duice De Leche Candy is also in this package. This candy is like a praline, sweet and good little treat for a nice little pick-me-up during the day or night. You will love this sweet and different little candy. Next in the package is Cajun Chicken Salad Mix and a one pound bag of Apple Bourbon Steak Rub, a one pound bag of Jalapeno Rib Rub, an 8 oz jar of hickory smoked sea salt,  2 jars of my regular salsa,  and a bamboo cutting board. This is a 50.00 value. Get this great package now till next Wednesday for 43.99/FREE SHIPPING with the code freeship. Please see Sherry's Shelves on Facebook to see the full description on all of these great items. Please use the code freeship in order to receive free shipping on orders of 25.00 or more.  This code is not available if using other discount codes. You may order each weeks Wednesday package for one week. Every Friday you can get a great deal on everything that has been on the shelf all week long. See our Sherry's Shelves Friday Basket, or just choose one item during the week on the Sherry's Shelves Facebook page.  Please scroll and shop today to see all the great products here at Glory and Grace Splendid Tea Co.