Royal Blend BBQ Sauce (made with Crown Royal Whiskey)/SEE GREAT OFFER

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Our Royal Blend BBQ Sauce is a subtle, smooth, dark rich blend of herbs and spices with a touch of Crown Royal Whiskey. It is light and good, sure to please on any kind of meat. The herbs and spices pair well with the whiskey. This unique blend will have your taste buds bursting when you use this sauce. Think you want to try this yourself? Our price is cheaper than all the ingredients you would buy. Try it today. You will receive one jar of Royal Blend BBQ sauce with your one order. Orders of more than 2 jars, please email Only 2 jars at free shipping allowed. With your purchase of one 10.00 jar, you will get a one pound bag of our Rib Rub with Applewood Seasoning for free.