A-OLIVE OIL-Smokey Sweet Mesquite. 10 to 12 oz bottle

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This is a great product, a wonderful olive oil with a nice and light bbq mesquite flavor. Rub this oil on your chicken or beef, pork, then add your seasonings and spices. Can be used for any entrees. This is a great product to use when barbequing, adding flavor to any meats, or veggies. Mix this oil with seasonings and prepare all fine meats for cooking or grilling. It is very popular and has a wonderful bbq flavor.  OUR OILS ARE A SLOW PROCESS. WE FILTER THE OILS THROUGH THE SEASONINGS AFTER THEY SOAK IN THE OIL FOR A TIME. TRUE FLAVOR, PUR OIL, NO ARTIFICIAL INFUSIONS, NOR COLOR ADDED. IT MAY TAKE TIME FOR YOU TO RECEIVE YOUR OIL, BUT IT IS WELL WORTH THE WAIT. Please use the code freeship in order to receive free shipping on orders of 28.99 or more. This code cannot be used with any other discount codes.