A-Italian Herb Blend Olive Oil with Beer Bread from The Gourmet Cupboard

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Our Italian Herb Blend Olive Oil is also available separately here on this website. You can get this great deal on one bottle of my Italian Blend Olive Oil, and Beer Bread from The Gourmet Cupboard. My hand filtered olive oil is pure, and we use no equipment, meaning the oil is hand filtered, and has never been mingled with metal as some other oils are. It was infused with a wonderful homemade blend of Italian seasonings and herbs. Cook with it, or use it as a baste for breads. Today I am also offering a package of Beer Bread from The Gourmet Cupboard. This is a wonderful bread that my family and I enjoy often. This Italian Herb Olive Oil is amazing to go with it. I have two of these available, on hand at this time. Please use the code freeship in order to receive free shipping on orders of 25.00 or more. All you need is one 12 oz can of beer for the Beer Bread, stir it up and bake it. No complications, No need to let rise. Easy Peasy..