A- Hot n Spicy Christmas

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Get two jars of my Hot Cajun Salsa, one bag of Hot n Spicy Voodoo Rub, and one small jar of our Firesalt. Hot Cajun salsa is made with tomatoes,  onions, jalapenos,  chili 🌶 peppers,  cayenne pepper,  red pepper,  Cajun seasonings, and more. My Hot n Spicy voodoo is a Cajun rub with Cajun seasonings, cayenne peppers,  jalapenos,  red pepper and more. My Firesalt is hot. Add it to anything you want to season with salt, yet also get that Hot as fire pop in your mouth. 

This is a 31.00 value, but you can get all these for the Hot and Spicy one that loves fiery hot food for 27.50 now till Dec. 18.