Glory & Grace Unique Spice Rack

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Our unique spice rack includes Pink Montreal Salt, Hawaiian Spice Mix, Lemon Pepper & herbs, Mexican Fiesta Seasoning, and Coffee Seasoning, which is our very own recipe that we use in our Hickory Roasted Coffee Steak Rub. Pink Montreal Seasoning contains pink Himalayan salt, and a montreal seasoning with unique herbs added, good as a salt used in any dish you like. Hawaiian Spice Mix contains Hawaiian salts, and other seasonings, spices, and herbs that make this seasoning one of the most unique you will find anywhere. This is one of our most popular products. It is good on potatoes, veggies, meats, fish, and chicken. It can be used on anything. Lemon Pepper & Herbs is also one of our popular items. it contains real lemon peel, peppers, and herbs, yet it is not hot to the taste. It is good on fish, chicken, and vegetables. Our Mexican Fiesta Seasoning is a wonderful blend of Mexican spices and herbs that will make any dish a great Mexican meal. Our coffee seasoning is our very own recipe. It is used in our Hickory Roasted Coffee Steak Rub. It is very unique and savory. It is good in stews and soups, as well as meats. This spice is wonderful blended with other herbs and spices to use on roast and many of your fine meats. The rack comes with a card for you to have the info you need when you run out of a spice, to order more for a replacement. Remember the 20% discount is good until December 27. You will receive the rack pictured.