A-Louisiana Decadent Dessert Deal

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Here at Glory and Grace we also sell products from The Gourmet Cupboard. This Sweet Special Deal includes. Glazed Amaretto Cookies, Duice De Leche Candy, No Bake Cherry Cheesecake, Fudge Brownie Pie Mix. Amaretto cookie mix makes 24 cookies. Great to put in bags and give to friends, family, and especially your sweetheart. Simple to make, and great to eat. Duice De Leche Candy is similar to a praline. Great little pieces of candy that melt in your mouth, and simple to make in the microwave. Makes 24 candies. No Bake Cherry Cheesecake is a wonderful dessert to top off that special dinner. End your dinner with this great cheesecake. Your family and friends will love each decadent bite.  Easy to make and even easier to eat. Fudge Brownie Pie Mix makes a wonderful chocolate brownie pie for the ending of a great meal, or just to indulge in together. If you, and your family and friends love chocolate, you won't go wrong with this great dessert. All of these are a 40.00 value, but you can order all four of these great items now for 36.99 Please use the code freeship in order to receive free shipping on orders of 25.00 or more. This code cannot be used with any other discount code.