Garlic rub with italian seasoning

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Our garlic rub has always been one of our hottest selling items out at the markets and festivals that we have attended over the years. It is made with pure raw garlic with spices such as sage and basil. This seasoning pictured is our garlic rub, with those spices, mixed with Italian blend seasonings. Anything that you are cooking and you want it to have a sweet, garlic, and Italian flavor, with be made much more special with this seasoning. When you are ready to use it, just stir around the garlic and the Italian seasonings, for a wonderful rub on the meat you will use in your dish, or just to season it up. Has a great smell and taste. You will receive 8+ oz in a decorative jar when ordering this seasoning. Makes a great gift, and this seasoning will last a long time. Free shipping is offered for orders of 14.00 or more.