G&G Summertime Package (first package) TEMPORARILY UNAVAILABLE

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See this first summertime package which includes one bag of Hickory Roasted Coffee Steak Rub, One bag of our Honey Island Swamp Monster Steak Rub, and One bag of Bourbon Steak Rub. These are three great one pound bags of product. Our Hickory Roasted Coffee Steak Rub is made with our own homemade coffee seasoning, garlic, onion, and more steakhouse seasonings. It has a wonderful robust flavor. Great on steaks, pork chops, brisket, and more. Our Honey Island Swamp Monster Steak Rub is a wonderful rub with a great Hickory steakhouse flavor. Great on all meats. It sells out each week at the markets and events. Our Bourbon Steak rub is made with a wonderful homemade bourbon spice. It is wonderful on steaks, pork chops, hamburgers, roast, brisket, and more. This package gives you a great selection of rubs to choose from for any type of cooking, grilling, or even frying meat in a skillet, that you could ever imagine, and you will love the flavors in these products so much, you won't buy rub from a store ever again. These rubs are made with homemade ingredients. You will receive a one pound bag of each in this offer for 21.99. Free Shipping. 3 pounds of some great rubs for 21.99. This offer is good only while supplies last. FIRST COME FIRST SERVE.