A-Wine Slush, Fuzzy Navel

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A refreshing taste of peach and orange. Mix with a nice bottle of white wine of your choice, champagne, or ginger ale. Use water to dilute as necessary for your own preference and taste. I stir my mix with my choice of wine, champagne or ginger ale, then add it to blender filled one half full of crushed ice. Can add more ice if desired. Blend on smoothie setting, or mix setting. There are blenders made that are strictly for smoothies and slushes. Not necessary if you don't have one. Can also use sparkling white grape juice or cranberry juice for a non alcoholic drink. Makes multiple servings of this great wine slush. Friends and family will enjoy. Please use the code freeship in order to receive free shipping on orders of 30.00 or more. This code cannot be used with any other discount codes.