A-Wedding Favors/Burlap Tea Bags (floral print)

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These sweet little burlap tea bags make a wonderful wedding favor for your guests to receive. A great momento from your special day. Send email to gandgsplentea@gmail.com to customize your order, get special pricing, and more. You will receive free shipping if your order is 30.00 or more. Send email today and get started. You may order these for tea bags, or use for birdseed (used to toss toward bride and groom as they head toward their new life together).  Tea bag flavors include: raspberry, peach, passion fruit, citrus mint, raspberry basil. Order all one flavor or you can mix your order to include multiple flavors. Minimum order of 20 bags. See the teas here on this website. Price seen here includes an order of 20 burlap bags with tea bag included. More discounts available the more tea bags you order.