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Get our Premium Steak Rub, Our Classic Steak Rub, our Chandler's Barbeque Sauce, and one doze lemon iced cookies. Regularly 38.00, but you can get all these great items at 34.50 this week only, May 9-May 16. Our Premium Steak Rub has a great seasoning blend to enhance the taste of any great steak. Our Classic steak rub has a garlic and butter seasoning and is good on chicken too. I made some pork chops with this rub, and they were great. Next is our Chandler's BBQ Sauce, an 80 year old family recipe with the best bbq taste you will enjoy on any premium meats. Our lemon iced cookies at our online bakery are great. Homemade and good, they will top off any great meal. Order this today at this great price. Order 30.00 or more and get free shipping with the code freeship.