A-Raspberry Basil Package

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¹Get this great three product package. Contains one 8 oz Raspberry Basil Jelly, one Raspberry Basil Tea Packet, and one Raspberry Basil Olive Oil. Each product is made with real raspberry pieces and organic basil leaves. My raspberry basil jelly is a wonderful jelly with sweet raspberry pieces, the fresh taste of the basil in a nice sweet raspberry jelly. Your Raspberry Basil tea packet with contains two large tea bags. Each tea bag will make a gallon pitcher of tea. you will experience the flavor of the raspberries with the fresh basil taste. Bags are unsweet. You may sweeten or drink unsweet. However you like. My raspberry basil olive oil is a wonderful raspberry and basil filtered olive oil with a great raspberry taste and basil. This package is a 32.00 value, but you can get it in this great package for 28.99. These are three great products you will love and enjoy.