A-OLIVE OIL/Roasted Garlic & Herb/10.00 jar

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Roasted garlic, and herbs have been soaked in this oil for a time, then the oil is filtered through the seasonings and herbs. We do not infuse any flavors into the oils, nor do we add any coloring to any of our oils. Our oils are a slow process of filtering and soaking seasonings in the oil. We usually have oils on hand, however, it may be a little longer wait to receive your oil if I do not have it on hand, yet it will be well worth the wait. This is a slow process and takes time. You will receive a 16 oz jar of this oil.  You will receive free shipping on orders of 28.99 or more. Please use the code freeship in order to receive free shipping. This code cannot be used with any other discount codes. USE THE CODE oil20 at checkout in order to receive 25% off all olive oil products September 19 only.