A-Olive Oil-Roasted Garlic & Herb/Large bottle

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My Roasted Garlic & Herb Olive oil is hand filtered through true authentic, roasted garlic and organic herbs. The color of this oil comes completely from the seasonings and herbs that this oil is filtered through. No artificial colorings, no food colorings of any kind have been added. You will love the roasted garlic flavor along with some nice herbs. You will receive one large bottle of this product. Please use the code freeship in order to receive free shipping on orders of 30.00 or more. This code cannot be used with any other discount codes.  OUR OILS ARE A SLOW PROCESS. WE FILTER THE OIL THROUGH TRUE AND PURE SEASONINGS, HERBS, AND GARLIC. WE DO NOT INFUSE ANY FLAVOR, NOR DO WE ADD ANY COLOR TO THE OIL. PURE AND NATURAL OIL. YOUR WAIT MAY BE A LITTLE LONGER, BUT THE OIL IS WORTH THE WAIT.