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Follow along with us in our kitchen as we prepare all of these wonderful products each week. With this subscription you will have access to a new recipe each month, occasional videos allowing you to watch us prepare some amazing meals in our own kitchen, automatically added to our group page where you will have first hand access to where we will be each weekend. you will be the first to know when there is a new product on the website. You will be the first to know when fresh product has been made and ready for sell. You will be privy to all the first hand information at Glory and Grace Splendid Tea Co. If you are cooking and need an answer to a question, we will be there, and much much more for just 5.00 per year. So many of you have said you would just love to follow me around in my kitchen, or out on weekends to different festivals, markets, and events. Well since we cannot move you all in, and you really don't want to go to a festival each weekend, this is the closest you can come to joining us for a cooking session in our kitchen, or being right there with us at a festival or event. We spend more than 5.00 on magazines and other subscriptions that do not deliver the info we thought we were going to receive. We spend much more than 5.00 per year on other things we do not need. Your 5.00 will bring you right into the forefront of all the flavored teas, dry meat rubs, spices, salts, sweet tea jellies, dip mixes, bbq sauces, and more. Best of all you will receive discounts on all of our products in our booth and online. Once we receive your payment, we will then send you the code to use for your online discounts. Come out to our booth and tell us you are a subscriber to Recipes and More Program and you will get a 25% discount right then and there. If you love these type of products, this 5.00 per year subscription is for you. Join us today. We will begin Recipes and More on Jan 1, 2019. Your subscription will begin on the first of the month after your payment as been received. Join us today for a great year. Make sure to give your email address when subscribing. Please only order one subscription per customer. If you would like to order a subscription for two or more people, those will have to be purchased separately.