A-JELLY-Full Jelly Deal

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Get one jar of my blueberry jalapeno jelly, a jar of Watermelon Wine Jelly, and a jar of Fruity Sangria Jelly. This is a 21.00 value, but you can get these three great items for 17.50. My blueberry Jalapeno jelly is made with real blueberries, blended with just the right amount of jalapeno to have that great jalapeno flair added. If you like pepper jellies, you will love this one. I also have a jar of my Watermelon Wine Jelly that is very popular. It is made with real watermelon and some great homemade wine. Fruity Sangria Jelly is made with real fruit and our own homemade Sangria Wine. This is a great deal on these three homemade products. Get yours today at this great price. All orders of 25.00 or more will receive free shipping.