I could sit and tell you how we were established in 2014 and give you the run down of how we came to be, but I would rather tell you that we are the best tea and spice company in the south. I am serious about what I do, and I know my stuff. I do not have a day job all week, and sell you a mediocre product on weekends. I work hard all week to provide you with the best in flavored organic teas, rubs, spices, salts jellies, bbq sauces, dip mixes, and whatever else I come up with between events. We provide unique flavored teas, award winnng dry meat rubs that have placed in many bbq cook off events. Our spices and salts are the most unique around and will give your food the best flavor. People will believe that you are the best cook in the south when you use my products. Our bbq sauces will make their tastebuds crave more and more. Our sweet tea jellies are the best,  We also have marinades, dip mixes, and more. We use only top quality ingredients in our products, therefore you will use only top quality ingredients when you use my products. Our teas are made with real peaches, raspberries, real multiple pieces of fruit, real red roses, and many pure and organic ingredients. Our dry meat rubs are the best around. We use no regular salt. All of our meat rubs are made with a sea salt you won't find anywhere but at Glory and Grace Splendid Tea Co. Our rubs and spices will give your meats a savory and unique taste unlike the salty rubs you get from other markets and stores. You will receive one pound of rub when your order from us. Our homemade bbq sauces are sold and shipped throughout the United States. Our Bourbon Blend BBQ Sauce is made with real Kentucky Bourbon. All of our products are homemade with real and true ingredients. We use no artificial ingredients in any of our products. Our dip mixes are organic and easy to mix. Our sweet tea jellies are the best around, even with a few that are made with wine or bourbon that cannot be found anywhere else in the U.S. Order your unique products today. Uses the code freeship in order to receive  free shipping.