Glory and Grace Splendid Tea Co.

Glory and Grace Splendid Tea Co is a family online/vendor business. My husband and I travel throughout our state to festivals, craft shows, etc. to show our products, allowing people to sample them. 95% of the time it turns into a sell. People love the teas, meat rubs, spices, and salts.

We have many different flavors of teas. We started with two meat rubs, and that part of the business has turned into several different rubs and spices now available. We sell these items because we love them ourselves, and we use them in our own food. We are in north LA, and have lived in our home for 28 years.

Please allow three business days for processing of your product. We offer free shipping to our customers to show our appreciation of your trust and confidence in our products.  All of our products are organic and all natural. I only use sea salt in my products. We use no iodized salts.

We have had our business since 2011. I have always wanted a better online store than what we had so that our customers could choose what they want and order right here on the site with credit card or paypal.

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