A- Christmas Salsa/SPICY RUB Special

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This package contains two jars of our great salsa. You will receive one jar of our Margarita Salsa and one jar of our Savory Smoked Salsa.  Our Margarita Salsa contains everything you are looking for in a good Margarita, lime, and a dash of Tequila. It contains tomatoes, onions, jalapenos with cilantro.  We don't add any salt or sugar to our Salsa.

We smoke the tomatoes, onions, jalapeños on the grill for about 3 hours.  We bring them in and make the best Savory Smoked Salsa you will ever experience.

All of our Salsa is medium heat.

Get one bag of our Swift Kick Chicken rub, and one bag of our Hot n Spicy rib rub. Swift Kick has a kick of peppers,  but the heat doesn't 🔥 ya and cause you to drink more than you eat. Hot n Spicy Rib Rub is just what it says. A great hot n Spicy BBQ RUB. 

This is a 38.50 value, but you will get this great package now till Dec.18 for 32.99