Splendid Tea Studios

While you drink your Glory and Grace Splendid Tea, sit and enjoy a drawing by Michael Pryor, Co-owner and founder of the feast at Glory and Grace Splendid Tea Co. My husband Michael has supported me every step of the way since the beginnings of Glory & Grace, and he is a very big reason we are the company we are today. Recently he discovered a talent that has been hidden for a very long time. HE CAN DRAW! We are adding a wonderful addition to our company with his drawings, and hope you will enjoy them with us. There will be more and more drawings to come as well as the ones you see here now. No two will ever be just alike, even if it is the same picture. He does not do prints, so if you want one, it will always be an original. We want you to enjoy our flavored teas, dry meat rubs, spices, salts, sweet tea jellies, dip mixes, and now these beautiful drawings. This is going to be a wonderful asset to an already great company.