Organic Olive Oils

Most olive oil producers put a lot of stock in the olives when processing their oils. Here at Glory and Grace we use a light olive oil in order that the olives do not take over the flavor. This olive oil is a pure oil. The olives are grown in South Texas by an Italian man. He also gets olives from Italy, and all the olives are some of the purest you can find. Please know our olive oil is very pure. Once I receive it, I begin the filtering process, adding unique flavors that you will love. I do nothing to contaminate this oil. It is filtered through real and pure herbs and seasonings that give my oil it's wonderful flavor. Please know that when you order your oil, that is when the filtering process begins unless I happen to have one on hand. The filtering process could take up to three weeks, so I ask for your patience when ordering the oils. When you receive your oil, it will be the purest and best tasting oil you can find. You WILL taste the flavor in my oil. I bought an oil that was supposed to be a hickory blend once, and all I tasted was olives, no hickory. My Boondocks is a hickory flavored oil, great for cooking fine meats, or use it to wet your meat, fish, or chicken before rubbing with one of our great rubs. See all the olive oils here, order one, and enjoy great meals. My oils taste how they say they are going to taste on the label. Order one today.